Tea Caddy


Hand cut curly maple dovetailed tea caddy with a diamond inlay banding on the lid. Dyed the curly maple with a early American maple dye then sanded down, and finished with a reddish brown dye. The finish I used is waterlox original finish.


Wow! You certainly got that grain to pop! Thanks for giving us the details of how you did it. Very nice!


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Well now, that’s very nice! That grain looks good, and I know how much nicer it looks in real life!

Beautiful! Awesome grain and inlay.

Excellent choice of Beautiful wood, great workmanship. Job well done!

-- Soli Deo gloria!

Fantastic box cool desigh and build.

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Very will done.
Who’s dye did you use, was it a powder or liquid dry?
I really would like to duplicate it on some of my work.
Thank you for sharing!