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Corporate christmas gifts

Here is an order that I just finished for 40 corporate Christmas gifts. Jatoba and either oak or cherry inlaid splines.
Cheers to the season woodworkers. ??

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That’s a lot of nice frames…

How long did all of this take to finish?

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

What lovely gifts! A very nice design and choice of woods.

That sends me back about 30 years when I was the one who selected the corporate gifts for my company. We always had three selections: one for male, one for female, and a #10 can of pistachios. We bought several thousand gifts annually. What a greedy fiasco that was!!

Your frame is a nice gift for male or female.


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Thanks guys. It took 60 hours to complete, including the wrapping. All from one box of flooring that I had leftover.

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wow, I don’t think that I’d have the patience to do all of those.

-- Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Wow that’s a big job,beautiful gifts

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