Magnetic Bottle Opener

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Made a few of these last week and put them up on Etsy. I didn’t expect to sell any, but to my surprise, I’ve sold six. Now I can quit my day job! Woohoo!

Joking aside – These are obviously pretty easy to make using up some scraps in the shop. there are four magnets that hold it to the fridge, and three more just under the front surface to catch the bottle caps.

Bottle Opener – about 2.46 each on ebay
Magnets – 1/2" diameter N42 Neodymium – About $.36 each on ebay x 7 = 2.52
Wood – Free? from the scrap bin
Selling price – $15.00 + shipping
Elapsed time to make, including finishing, but not drying time – Maybe 1.5 hours for the 10 I made.


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