New Yankee Workshop Sturbridge Village Rocking Horse

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Many woodworkers who I have met and admire got their inspiration to start woodworking from books written by Jame Krenov, Nakshima or Maloof. Although I have recently come to appreciate these modern masters, and have now acquired and read their books, I must admit my first woodworking books were Norm Abrham’s New Yankee workshop series.

Looking back through these books recently, I’m surprised at how many of my projects have been based on Norm’s books including; numerous shaker bedside stands, a few slant front desks, book cases, the kitchen hutch and drop leaf table .

One project that I have always wanted to build, but never had a reason to do so, was the Old Sturbridge Village Rocking Horse (New Yankee Workshop Episode 201). Earlier this year my cousin’s daughter had a little girl, and with Christmas coming up, I thought this would be an appropriate reason to finally build Norm’s rocking horse.

I had a mixture of rough sawn 4/4 white and red oak given to me and it was just enough (with some resawing and glue-ups) to make up the 14 BF needed for the rocking horse.

Following the plans, it’s a fairly easy build, about 24 leisurely hours of shop time.

The rocking horse is about 3.5 HH (hands high), 36” long, and 18” wide. The total height is about 25 inches. Since it is made from oak it is pretty solid and heavy. It should last and hopefully will be used for many generations to come.

Its finished with a number of coats of wipe on poly.


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