Spanish Cannon


Turned on my homebuilt mini—lathe on a piece of cedar. Replica of Spanish Cannon at the Morro Castle in CUBA.

That’s pretty cool! Thanks for posting. The details are fantastic.

Amazing reproduction complete with tarnish rust, etc. Is the whole thing wood including the carriage wheels and other ‘metal’ parts?

Mike, an American living in Norway

Everything is wood, with the exception of the small squares on the side of the base and the seat of the cannon. I cut those from sheet metal. The cannon was turned on my homemade mini-lathe on a block of cedar in 4 parts ….made with a 1933 old electric motor.!

I used a solution of vinegar and steel wool to age the wood of the base, did not have to paint that base.. you mix the wool and vinegar and let it sit for a day or 2.

It sure looks old,nice work.

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