Blanket Chest


An older project done for my son and daughter in law in California. This is from an article in Fine Woodworking, made with double wedged tenons out of mahogany and maple ply for the sides. I used a leather strap hinge to hold it open. This was the biggest flatwork project I’d done before becoming a turner. After many years, I’m feeling now like I need to get back to flat work again, but I’m rusty!

Might As Well Dance :

This is a beautiful chest,you did a wonderful job.There’s no reason you can’t do flat work also along with you super turnings

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Thank you. No, no reason; I just have to remember procedures, tips and such. Doing a big flatwork project requires more thought in stepped procedure, in my experience. What must be done in order, and if not, I can get messed up! Turning is slap it on, cut it off and polish! …sort of. ;-)

Might As Well Dance :

Beautiful chest Barb, I know just the F.W. article you refer to because I have wanted to build this chest ever since I’d seen it.

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I’ve heard from lots of people who built it; mine was cut down in size because I had to transport it to CA in the back seat of a car. It was a challenge!

Might As Well Dance :

It turned out fantastic. Yes you should do more projects like this, just space them out so you can’t get bored. Excellent work.

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