Greene and Greene entertainment center


A recently completed major project, I chose this project to try to incorporate as much as I possibly could of what I’ve learned about woodworking. It languished in a corner of the shop for over two years while other projects were started and finished. The marquetry images are of some of the birds that frequent my feeder including chickadees and finches. My original design included two stained glass panels that I foolishly assumed I could just purchase at my local glass shop. That proved to be impossible, and my only realistic option was to learn how to do stained glass myself. That is part of the reason why this project took so long – the stained glass panels. I found a local stained glass shop and took a course, then practiced a bit when I had some down time in the shop. When I finally got around to the panels for my entertainment center, I was very unsure of my ability to do this. The first panel took over eight hours, but as these things go, the second took just a little over an hour. Stained glass is not that difficult and I plan on writing a “woodworkers guide to stained glass” and post it on my website later this winter.

Larry Ciesla

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Nice work! We know what you mean about the delay for the glasswork, but I went ahead and built and installed the bookcase anyway and more than five years later, the doors still have no glass in them.

Do let us know when you post your “woodworkers’ guide to stained glass” so we can get a kick-start!

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This entertainment center is a real work of art,wonderful marquetry and glass work.This is fine fine work

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