Not Just a Bank

Not Just a Bank
Not Just a Bank
Not Just a Bank
Not Just a Bank

Not too long ago, my granddaughter asked me to make her a bank. That seemed pretty straightforward, but I couldn’t leave it at that. Instead, I wanted it to merely look simple. I had some walnut and maple scraps, so I started cuttin’ and gluein’.

On the surface, it’s a simple box with a hole in the top. There is a small handle on the front that most would think will open the bank. Not so fast.

Before opening the front with the handle, you must first remove the top. Again, it appears that the top simply lifts off, but it doesn’t. Instead, the top is held on with rails and must slide off. A little precision cutting and a snug fit makes the top look like a single unit.

So, once to figure out how to get the top off, only then can you slide the front off to get access to your stash.

I’m not sure this qualifies as a toy, but it provided a fair amount of amusement watching my granddaughter try to get it open.


Lot’s of imagination.
I held a box, not long ago, and it took me a while to figure how to open it.

No so fast, like you said.

Well done.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

great idea ,fun build.

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