hurricane proof adirondak chair - Woodworking Project by mark d.
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hurricane proof adirondak chair

I make these chairs for sale and I refer to it as “hurricane proof” it’s made from
1×6 decking , 1×4 and 2×6 I use ceramic Sq drive deck screws and heavy duty structural screws. I’m no small fry I weigh about 280
And when I made my first one I could jump on it twist it around and it didn’t loosen up.
Also it weighs so much , when we get high winds right near the ocean it doesn’t budge.
With 2 coats of solid deck stain and
Pt lumber these can last at least 8 -10 years although I’d be wrong if I said they don’t need a coat of stain every few years if left outdoors but covered or brought in for the winter you just might never have to do a thing. For 40$ in wood and screws well worth building than buying already built.

-- Mark DellaCamera

They certainly look beefy. Have you ever considered other types of wood? Juniper is readily available here, and is impervious to the salt spray and lasts with very little maintenance for over 40 years.

-- CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

I’m in connecticut unless it’s a special order traditional lumber is all that’s available.
I wish I was closer to maine and I could get full 8\4 white cedar makes a lot nicer looking chair a 2×6×8 cost about 35$ if I could even find it. I’ve never heard of using juniper is it similar to pine or Doug fir?

-- Mark DellaCamera

Nice work !!
Must be great living near the ocean

-- Jaybird

It is Jay I just hope now the warmer weather is starting I’ll be able to sell a few of these.

-- Mark DellaCamera

Nice clean build mark.

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker