I'm a retired business owner. I started woodworking at a very young age. I used a circular power saw when I was 10 to build a raft.

My wife & I have built 2 two story homes & a truck stop that we owned & operated for 25 years.
We own, manage & repair rental property in the Texas Panhandle.

I have always enjoyed building cabinets, furniture, lamps & bowls.
Looking forward to expanding my shop equipment & woodworking knowledge & skills.

This was a low budget project for my daughter & son in law.
They removed both walls between the living & dining rooms.
We were able to salvage an 8’ cabinet, I re used the base, shelf & the oak from the face frame.
They purchased 2 badly damaged units for $20, I added 3/4 Mdf & made a drawer with the sink blank.
Reshaped the doors to match, built full extended drawers since the old cabinet didn’t have any.
The tall cabinet in the corner is actually an upper. Raised the counter top enough for a drawer for both of her cutting boards.
The standing side of the bar has glass shelves with dimmer lighting.
There are lights under both sides of the bar top & motion control lights under the toe kick.
Once they install the floor covering I will build fluted panels & braces for the bar top. She is going to paint & distress the fluted panels & braces.

This has been a fun project, both of us like to reclaim & repurpose .


That is some really nice work . You definitely have some serious talent.


Thanks Bruce for the encouraging words.