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Arts and Crafts Desk Chair in QSRO

I needed a desk chair to go with the Stickley writing desk that was posted recently. This chair is based various Arts & Crafts chairs from the past. The chair is made from QS red oak and measures 18" w, 18" d and 40" h. The seat is 17.5 inches above the floor. The joinery is mortise and tenon throughout. I failed to take any photos during the construction and glue up. This photo shows the bones of the chair.

Once the chair was sanded to 220 grit, it was dyed using Trans Tint reddish brown.

The chair was sealed with General Seal a Cell, glazed with General Antique Walnut gel stain, topcoated with 3 coats of satin Arm-R-Seal and finally clear Briwax.

The biggest challenge on this project was upholstering the seal. The seat is 0.5" Baltic birch plywood with 1" high density foam and 0.5" batting. Getting the fabric to sit properly was a challenge. Tucking the corners lead to much frustration and quite a bit of harsh language. The cushion is not perfect, but it is DONE!!!!! Next time, I will hire a real upholsterer to make cushions.

Looks great and matches the desk style as well. Good job!

-- -- Michal,

what a beautiful set!!! Gorgeous
and I love the photos you have posted, especially with the process images. I love the “stories” as much as the finished products.

-- Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit

That’s a fine seat. Stop being such a “me” (I hate everything I make) it’s fine, better than fine and the chair looks amazing next to that desk.

-- -- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

That’s a great chair. Nice choice in the fabric used.

-- -nicky

This Chair turned out great.

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker