Candy Dispenser

Candy Dispenser

So as always i like to start with my raw materials, i have a 6ft poplar board.

So i bought this board with the intentions of making this, i was going to make plans for it, but i said screw it i will just wing it!! So i cut the board into 4 pieces, top, bot, and 2 sides.

I then cut groves into all 4 pieces to slide the plexiglass in place.

I decided 45deg was a good angle for the interior pieces, so i cut slots in the side pieces for them.

I wanted to make it where i would not use nails or screws just wood and pressure. So i cut out slots on the top and bottom pieces so the sides fit in the groove. I did it with my table saw as my router was not set up at the time.

On the side pieces i drilled the holes for the spinner that feeds the candy.

I cut the plexiglass to size, i had purchased a big sheet so i cut a few pieces, i might make more of these to give away. I used my table saw to cut, went pretty well.

I finally got my router set up, and so i decided to give it a little attention to detail.

The grooves were tight, but a little sanding and a rubber mallet they fit!

Then i finally put it all together. The top had to be revised on the fly, as i was hammering it into place it was way too tight and so one of the outside lips snapped, so i just shaved the other one off and made it work. I drilled a hole on the top to refill with candy and i made the topper out of what i had left over the bar for the handle. I did not put a finish of any kind on the wood.


Sweeeet! Great project man!

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

I like Thorreain’s comment. Sweeeet! Especially since it’s a candy dispenser. :-) Great project! Ought to be a hit with the kids, young and old.

Keith "Shin" Schindler

I love it! Functional and FUN!

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Thanks guys, i ended up giving it to my sister, she loved it plus she has 2 boys and im sure they will love it. It was fun making it. I plan on making a few more.

Lol very cool. I’ll have to keep this project in the back of my head so when the grandson comes over he can get some candy. But hes 1 so i have

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

yup, you have some time. My nephews are loving it. Have another idea for one of these brewing, so when i finish with my current project i will get to it.

This is the coolest ,wonderful photo lay out too.

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