Best, ugliest project ever!

Best, ugliest project ever!

So my daughter (5yo) asked me to make her a lemonade stand, so i had a few pallets laying around, so we got to it.

She helped at just about every step of the way. I bought a hand saw so she could use to cut, i was just real uneasy about using a circular saw with her, well not yet at least.

She helped drill the pilot holes.

I tried to teach her how to measure.

And about 2 hours later, we finished, its ugly, but this by far has been the best project ever. I love my baby girl! Plus she is super excited because she was hands on.


That’s the project of the year! Just fantastic! It even has a spot overhead for a sign, way to go girl! You have a great stand there, well done.

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Not ugly and if your baby girl is happy then it’s the most beautiful thing on the planet. You just need to paint the overhead sign.

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Absolutely the best type of project and the best helper. I bet you will both remember this many years from now. It also turned out great too!

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That’s a great picture with the hand saw…

I agree, it’s a great project.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

What a great project to get your daughter involved in, with a cute kid like that behind the booth I’m sure you’ll be making a lot of lemon aid. I might have to borrow this idea Thanks


She’s a cutie ,fun project.

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