Having ran a graphic design business in Singapore for many years, I am currently going to grad school in Vancouver, Canada. I have been married 11 years and have 2 beautiful children, 8 and 4. These days, I spend most of my time DIYing carpentry, electronics, aquarium projects or dreaming about my next entrepreneurial exploit. In my spare time, I like to attend to my responsibilities - studies, chores, planning & scheduling etc. ;)

I have a grand vision of integrating ALL of life - including family, hobbies, business, studies, leisure activities and spirituality - into one holistic lifestyle-continuum, as every single thing in my universe is inter-related! That, plus the fact I have been diagnosed with ADHD explains why I take longer than most to get anything done as I tend to overthink. That drives most people, including myself, absolutely crazy. LOL

I enjoy woodworking as therapy. From it, I have learnt to be realistic with expectations of myself, the material I work with, as well as my tools. I have the tendency to over-estimate my abilities, and be too idealistic with my ideas or designs. Woodworking has taught me to be patient and the value of proper planning before executing a project.

Do leave me a message, would love to meet other like minded souls!