Q&A: Miter Sled help?

I just got my tablesaw in. Put it together and squared up the fence pretty good. I made a sled, and It isn’t square. I did everything as accurately as I could but it is very slighly off. My goal is to be making very small jewelry boxes and things like that and the very tiny amount it is off by is crushing any possibility of making a square box. Do you guys have any suggestions?



It does depend on the adjustment between the fence and the base of the crosscut. I typically use a large framing square that is known to be accurate. I apply the square against the fence and check the gap between the front of the saw blade and the back of the blade. The crosscut sled I use has an adjustable fence so it can be tuned to arrive at 90 degrees. The fence is attached with a pivot at one end closest to the kerf area and the other end has an adjustment mechanism to dial in the 90 degree angle.

So I would set it up to have a fine adjustment so you can accurately dial in the square setting. Also, ensure the miter slots are perfectly parallel to the saw blade. Measure front and back of the blade against the miter slot openings.


Norman Pirollo

Is everything squared up to each other? ie: blade parallel to mitre slot and fence? If they are all square to each other, run dados in the bottom of your sled and install the runners in them. Everything should line up