On that spinner, I took a lesson from the fishing pole builders and built myself a slow turning lathe. It uses a BBQ motor, which turns from 1 RPM to 15 RPM.

I use all sorts of home made chucks (quick builds on a wood lathe) and supports (e.g., those bed leg casters with two wheels side by side to support long sticks).

The slow speed keeps the epoxy from sluffing off before it hardens.

Back when I was in electronics, we used a slow setting epoxy and put our comb filters in a vacuum chamber to pull the air from things.

I ALWAYS seal wood, so it won’t blead air into the part of the epoxy making contact with it, which becomes trapped, as the epoxy hardens..

Now, we use pressure pots to squish the bubbles so the eye doesn’t note them. However, we still use vacuum chambers for resin work when we’re impregnating wood with the resin.

I tried the hair dryer and even my commercial version. Now I just stay with my propane torch.