Mixing 2 part epoxy the right way

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I use epoxy for all kinds of stuff and i have 2 kinds: 5 minute for quick gluing and 30 minute for more precise stuff and also for finishing.

The 5 minute stuff just gets a couple of squirts that look about the same volume. It’s sets so fast that there are always bubbles and it’s yellow. Looks horrible but does a great job for quick and dirty gluing.

The 30 minute one allows for a better mix and the bubbles can float out before it gets hard. Plus, i use envirotex, which is very clear. But mixing needs to be precise 50-50, especially for the small batches i make for finishing fishing lures. I just opened a new envirotex kit, which is why this topic came up.

I came up with the idea of using plastic syringes like the ones for baby medicine. I found some on amazon. Then i drilled holes in the bottle caps and used 5 minute epoxy to glue the syringes into the caps. I built up a good slump on each cap as quickly as i could then spun them in my fingers to keep the slump centered and to prevent it from dripping off. It’s a sloppy mess but they’re in there good. Once i had one leak all over my bench. That sure isn’t going to happen here.

I store the bottles upside down on a little holder i made. Easy access and ready to use. Just fill the syringes to the same level, then unscrew the caps and squirt into a mixing cup. Easy peasy epoxy squeezy. Perfect 50-50 mix every time.

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Very cool. A hair drier works wonders for getting the bubbles out


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I’ve heard that. A torch works well too. I rarely have to do it with the envirotex. Its soupy enough that the bubble float out.

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