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Woodworking Shop 2015 #2: I'm Alive!!!! Starting back with my shop build.

Hi people ! I’m so glad to say that I’m up and running, I had a major detour last September. I got sick with I thought was the flu, but in 3 days I was in the hospital with a flesh eating bacteria! I was in the hospital for 65 days, and have...

Progress, not Perfection, lol

Very happy with my progress over labor day weekend! Bought a 5 lb box of 3 inch torx screws and went to town!!! I put 2×6×12 mudsill boards on the bottom of the runners on the outside floor frame, and one running down the middle, and...

Woodworking Shop 2015 #1: I've got to have more room for Woodworking!

Hi WWWeb People! Well, I have totally run out of room with my little 12’ X 8’ woodworking shed, and decided earlier this year, if I’m to be in the shop during the Minnesota winter, I’m going to be very unproductive if I have to shuffle...