Danny was born and raised in Cedar City, Utah. Ever since he was very young he has fished in many of the lakes and streams of Southern Utah. He has always liked being in the outdoors and seeing the wonders of nature. His experience in fishing and his keen eye for colors and various details of the fish has enabled him to portray them in his carvings.
Most of the carvings are from cut rounds of Aspen, taken from the mountains around Cedar City. Each is an individual rendering, unique and different, numbered and signed. Each carving is painted with an air brush. There are 13 different colors in the rainbow trout, 11 in the brown trout, 13 in the cutthroat trout, 15 in the brook trout, 11 in the largemouth bass. The final coats are an acrylic urethane clear. He feels that the final coats of clear bring out the beauty from under. There are at least five coats of clear applied.
The mounting for each carving is also all handmade. Each mounting is carefully selected to match and bring out the beauty and natural habitat of each carving. The rocks, pebbles, grasses and lily pads are also handmade.