Carved Cutthroat Trout


This 17” Cutthroat Trout wall mounted fish replica is hand-carved from Southern Utah Aspen I acquire in the mountains near my studio. I have tried to capture every minute detail of this fish art replica. The details of this Cutthroat Trout mount are so exact that it will remind you of the time you pulled one fresh from the stream and held it in your hands. The habitat is all carved, the rocks and the wood branch.
I used many mediums to bring out the beautiful colors of this trout carving, powdered charcoal, pan pastels, various airbrush paints, multileaf aluminum powders, Pearl Ex Pigment Powders, Golden’s Iridescent Paints and the final clear coats are Rust-Oleum 2X Clear Gloss. The eye is a glass taxidermy fish eye.  


A stunning carving! Beautifully done



That is one BEAUTIFUL trout! Nice mounting, too!


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wonderful work,great carving.

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Beautiful fish, excellent workmanship.

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