1st 'Introduce yourself' post!!!

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I noticed no one has posted in here, and I just made an account so I figured I’d take care of putting something here.

So far I’m liking the site, but navigation is a touch confusing. It took me 20 minutes or so to find out how to post a topic. Is there any reason this site doesn’t use a more common ‘Forum’ software? Needless to say, I came from Lumberjocks where I seem to have made a bad name for myself by being too stubborn in my ways. I’m hoping that doesn’t follow me here! Looking forward to learning from you guys and in time I will have some stuff to add myself. I’m currently waiting on a tablesaw I ordered to come in. It isn’t anything too impressive. Just a Ridgid R4512, but I had very little money to work with. My first order of business when the saw comes in, is to build a HUGE outfeed/assembly bench roughly 4′×8′. It’ll be a while before I can post any REAL work. Hopefully soon though.



Welcome Walnut. I believe you will +ADD button link easily next time :) Have fun.

Martin Sojka, https://craftisian.com

I look forward to seeing photos of the big arrival.

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Thanks. I’m about to make a post regarding a miter sled… I failed apparently. :(