Hardware Help for Shadow Box

I'm copying the following over from my Shadow Box blog in hopes it will get more views and responses:

Ugh.  So I sorta found some hardware I like.  I really like this catch from Rockler.  I would use two of them to hold the door closed.  And if I use those, I'd like to use concealed hinges like these so that the only hardware visible is the latch on the clasps.

Problem is, I don't really like the black.  I'd like to have an antique bronze type finish.  But that seems to be a no-go.  Rockler is the only place I've been able to locate a hidden clasp like that and they only have it in one finish.  I have found the hinges several places but not bronze in the size I need.  I really like this hinge because it hides the screws and has adjustability in the hinge.  But they don't make the size I need in a bronze finish either.  And even if they did, I would want the hinges to match the latches.

So am I just stuck using the black or does anyone have google-fu stronger than mine?

could not find it either


LeeValley has the same brand in different finishes. https://www.leevalley.com/en-ca/shop/collections/114905-soss-invisible-hinges


I searched for a while - didn't find a concealed hinge but this might be the next best option.
Looks like LeeValley only comes in black, nickel or polished brass.


SOSS Invisible Hinges - Lee Valley Tools

hope this helps you need to get busy 


Soss invisible hinges. Guden industrials Hardware has them.


Thanks for all the help guys!  The ones I linked on Rockler are Soss hinges too.  I can find that style hinge a few places.  Just can’t find them in a bronze finish anywhere…
The Rockler catch is described as "Bronze finish". Still too dark?
It is steel so you could try burning off the finish and then use other methods to get a lighter bronze. Plenty of simple ways to chemically get a copper coating which can then be aged into a more bronze color.

Same for the hinges.
You probably know about this, but just in case....

From experience a lot depends on the metal in play. I've found buying a piece, doing the mad scientist thing, if it looks great proceed with the rest of the purchase.