Floating Band Saw Cutting Guide / Feather Board


Once in a while, I find I need support material near the blade and a fence or re-saw guide just doesn’t feel right. In the course of one of my [fortunately not well known] notorious goof off sessions (does that qualify as a paradox?), I made this support.

It rides in the track using a piece of wood, or one of the inexpensive, aluminum jig guides you buy for jigs, and seems to be the ticket for holding wood against the fence or re-saw guide for certain cuts.

Great idea. Does it ever cause binding?

Ferdinand and Son Construction

I’ve never had it bind. What I didn’t make clear is, the guide, in addition to moving forward and back in the miter slot, is free to swing.

I’ve used variations of this that just wandered the table and they, also, seemed to help in some cutting applications.

The nice thing is, they don’t take much material, can be drastically modified from what I did and will still do the job.