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[INTRODUCTION] This instructable describes how to combine two or three mediums (wood and plastic, or wood, plastic and copper) to make beautiful, eye catching ornaments that will stand out even along some of the finest ornamental / art pieces. This in
In the course of goofing around with the lathe I picked up a couple months back, I test drove it on some cherry and apple from the prunings of local (thousands of acres) orchards. Inspired from a visit to the museum just built for the local Wanapum tr
I’ve added dust collectors to my shop both because it’s necessary for some equipment, like my planer and jointer to operate and because I wanted to reduce dust and chips in the shop. A majority of collectors for small shops can be greatly improved. Fo
We have a few pine cones to deal with throughout the year. If I get to them right after they fall, the shop vac makes short work of them. However, if they sit, they start to open and clog the vac quickly. Additional to the foregoing, there is the rout