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Powermatic Band Saw Light Modification


Stock, the 14" Powermatic band saw light must bend from behind the machine to the front. Doing so really stresses the goose-neck supporting the light. Even when adjusted, it never seems positioned quite right for a good view of the cut. Too, the light always has to be moved to drop with the Cater Tension Release, or when you open the door to swap blades.

I drilled and tapped the cast you raise and lower to adjust for cutting different thicknesses of wood. To avoid going into the iron on which the bearing are supported, I just taped a drill bit. I started with a small bit and worked up to one appropriate for the number ten screws I used.

Several pointed out that, since you’d be drilling and tapping cast, don’t use oil. Just back off frequently and let the bit or tap clean of debris.

In its new position, my light rarely has to be moved, or only has to be moved a little to open the door. It no longer has to be moved at all to raise and lower the tension handle.