Burning in balm

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Burning in balm, I have never heard of this or what it is for. Sounds very interesting. I added the description & picture from Rockler.com. What I’m looking for is you guys and gals to tell me more about this if you have done this work / technique. I think we can get a education on this subject.

heat resistant paste to prevent heat damage to the surrounding finish when performing a burn-in repair. It also prevents the burn-In stick from spreading excessively, resulting in a cleaner repair. 4 oz. tub.

4 oz. tub.
Apply burn-in stick to the damaged area in the usual manner.
Apply Burn-In Balm to the area surrounding the damaged surface, being careful not to get any Burn-In Balm into the repair.
Proceed with leveling and smoothing of burn-in repair.
Be sure surface is clean and dry before coating.

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I’ve never head of it but it sounds like it’s for shellac stick filling.


Humm thanks

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Wow I just watched the video. Thanks

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