twin bed project

Jeff B
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I had mentioned a while back that I’m working on a solid cherry pedastal bed. Lots of folks seemed interested in the project, so I thought I’d post a few progress pics. :-)

That’s the headboard parts dry fit together. All the mortise and tenon joinery is cut and finessed. I just need to round over the center section of the headboard and the stretcher on the top and bottom, although I might add a storage shelf to the top of the stretcher board instead. That could be a nice little spot to tuck things away.
After that, it’s time to glue up the headboard :-)

Oh, by the way, the black marks are where I sweated on it. It’s HOT in Alabama this time of year, and my little tin workshop does not have A/C. :-(

Looks like it’s coming together very well

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Initial shaping and rough sanding on the headboard center panel is now done. :-)

Headboard glue up underway.

Glass work and electric is done