vehicle decal issues/advantages

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Has anyone had any problems with decals or magnets for your woodworking on your vehicle. Such as dot or scales while hauling a load of wood etc. Also has it been an effective way of advertising. Especailly those that sell to support their hobby not to run a business.

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In my city a number of businesses pay people to advertise with vinyl grafics. The car owners are paid a fee to have the grafics installed for a couple of months. I have never heard of any issues with DOT or highway safety. A friend has done it and likes the cash, no ill harm to the car if not left on for too long.

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I’ve had Vinyl lettering for years and it’s held up very well.

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I was debating on doing a windshield decal and a small one on tailgate and maybe custom reflective mud flaps. Maybe even a metal logo on my logging trailer im building. My truck is pretty beefy and gets lots of attention anyways.

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I always put these mag ones on my truck when I do an install. Especially in nice neighborhoods. But I don’t leave them on while at home so that I don’t advertise that I have a shop, full of expensive tools. ?

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So long as you don’t drive anything bigger than a one ton duelly pickup, the DOT won’t even glance your way. Some states make you buy more expensive tags for a vehicle with advertising on it, and it can cause issues with your car insurance due to “business use.” Just check your local laws, and check with your agent. I doubt you will have any issue at all. Most commercial vehicle enforcement is targeted at heavy trucks that cross state lines.

Its a 92 w350 dually

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Magnetics are a good way to go if permanent lettering is not an option. Just remember to remove them often and clean both vehicle and sign. Damage will occur if left on for lengthy period. I own a sign shop and woodworking is mostly a hobby but I do make a variety of wood based products from time to time, as well as metal,plastic, stone, brick, a little bit of everything

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