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As some of you may know, I’m building a cantilever sewing box for the wife. I’m at the point where I need to attach the carry handle, but I’m having a problem designing the actual handle itself. Basically, the problem is the stock is square, but I don’t want a square handle. I would like it to be a little more decorative than just running it across a round over bit. I don’t have a lathe and recent experience has taught me not to experiment with the router table;)

You can check out the blog on it here to get an idea of the concept.

So, how do I turn a square piece of stock into something more decorative without having to add to my list of stupid things not to do in the wood shop?

Where are the band-aids?---Pro Libertate!

I recently read an article in fine woodworking about turning small knobs on the drill press. Maybe you could do something similar. Never tried, so can’t really lend any real advice. Good luck, and can’t wait to see the results of your efforts.

A rasp, files, sandpaper and elbow grease can be used to change a rectangular shape to cylindrical.

-- Art

I don’t have a drill press David, but thanks for the thought. I’m looking for more than cylindrical Art. I can get that with a round-over bit, but I could probably use those hand tools to get what I do want, even though I don’t yet know what that is.

The scary thing is…I have a very large 1/2hp induction motor in my other workshop…the one my friends call Monty’s Monster Garage. The motor is just sitting on a shelf there. I bought it for $10 from a guy who said it wouldn’t run right. I checked it out, put a new start capacitor on it and away it went. Surely there must be some way to put that motor to some kind of spectacularly frightening use.

Maybe I better stick with a rasp and such…

Where are the band-aids?---Pro Libertate!

I’d go with the rasps and sand paper, Cobbling together a lathe sounds a bit dodgy but, hey, it might be fun.

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

Well, if I go the power route, I’ll make sure to video the results. Probably be a lot of noise…banging…screaming and folks running for their lives in general. That’s a pretty common occurrence when things roll out the of shop for the first time.

In all seriousness though, I don’t have time for silliness like that. I need to get that sewing box done so I can move on to other things; like getting the electric finished up and turned on in the wood shop.

Where are the band-aids?---Pro Libertate!