My profile? Oh hell. As it pertains to woodworking, I have none. Most of our children are grown with only one left in school and she will be a high school freshman this fall. I swear I was just pushing her on the swing last week because her feet couldn't touch the ground. She is the last of four, yes four, daughters. Life has not been easy.

Before I stray too far down that path...I got into woodworking not because I needed a hobby, I have several. I love hunting, fishing, working in my garden, raising my chickens and enjoying life outside. No, I got into woodworking because my wife asked me to. I'll give her anything she wants; unfortunately, she knows it. I could have gone my entire life without a wood shop and not felt I was missing anything.

I have built her many thing over the years. I fix everything that breaks and generally do whatever I can to make her happy. I've built her a gazebo, cedar yard swing, raised flower beds, chicken coops, whatever she asks for. But recently, she's been asking for finer things, like sewing boxes and blanket chests, and cabinets. In other words, things I can't build with a circular saw and a framing nailer. So, I bought some equipment and started learning how to use it.

It's funny really. I never thought about having a wood shop, but now that I have one, I can't seem to stay out of it. I really love it in there, cuts, bruises and all. Maybe someday I'll be able to actually build something nice. For me, this is strictly a hobby. I have no intentions of trying to sell anything or quit my day job. As I said earlier, I have four daughters (not to mention two grand daughters and two grandsons) that I can build things for. Although I do think this venture is going to put a serious hurt on my fishing time.

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