How organized is your work shop ?and what would you like to change in your shop?

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Hey Gang
I just had a conversation with my wife about a book someone told her about called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” since I’m the saver and she’s the minimalist this subject of tidying up has been brought up before.
This subject caused me to look online about Ideas to organize things better.There are a lot of great tips out there ,but this guy takes the cake as far as being organized and innovative,

Amazing! I use many of the tips I saw online but I still have too much stuff for the space I have. So my solution is to start by clearing things out of my shop I never use . what are your ideas?

Are you happy with your shop? what would you change to make it better?
please share any organized shops you have seen.

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hey jim iam happy with my shop rite now but as soon you get rid of some things then it will come up you needed what you cleared out hard to get rid of things in a shop


Some cool ideas there. I noticed a cabinet for fasteners with little plastic bins inside and on the doors. The rows were staggered so the door would close. Nifty.

I consider my shop half organized. One thing the guy said that I try to follow is have a place for everything. That way you know at a glance if something is missing.

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Your write Jim ,when we get serious about cleaning up the items many times the items you blew out are just what you need,sometimes you can’t when for losing.
I agree Brian he has tons of good ideas and some outstanding equipment.I noticed those plastic bins too . Even though I don’t have things perfect in my shop I usually have things where I can find them,except when they’re in plain sight LOL

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me to jim I know where mu tools and things are but when go to use them cant locate them rite off


I guess the key point is that you find them sooner or later Jim sometimes it’s much later for me.

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I am never happy with my shop. The day it quadruple in size I will be happy:)
some good ideas.
I saw one that I will borrow.

Thanks Jim!

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Unfortunately, even with all the great ideas in the video, membership is set up much differently. With my tiny little shop I have to work with space provided. I consider myself as an organizer but, something’s are just what they are. The size of the shop in the video, anyone could be better organized. Since money is tight for most, this video is great for ideas but, impractical without a bank roll to go with it. Great ideas though.


that’s true james I have a small shop to you do what you have to do


your welcome Lanwater shops are like storage no matter what their size we always seem to fill them.

I guess looking at videos like the ultimate workshop can either make us dream of a shop like that or can be a bit aggravating knowing we will never be able to afford such a setup. You have made some great projects with the size shop you have now.

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No matter how hard I try the “Law of Horizontal Surfaces” wins.

My brother has a habit of exiting his house through his attached garage shop, picking up 2-3 things and putting them up on his way out. His shop is always neat.