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I need to make a couple bar stools, what kind of wood should I use, obviously needs to be strong but inexpensive. TIA!

Depends on how you plan to finishing them ,but poplar is low cost and Jim’s suggestions are good choices too.

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Any hardwood will do just fine. Go to your lumber yard and compare prices, maybe they have a deal on something you like.

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Even softwood will make good stools if the design is good. I just made four more of these for my marquetry school students. They are Douglas Fir and very solid and sturdy.

My old one in the background is Oak.

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Soft wood is more cushy-comfy than hard wood. Much better for a stool. ;-)

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Seriously though… Pick a wood to match the bar. Just make sure there are no knots in the legs. Don’t want any weak spots.

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They look great paul.

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I agree with the gang , what ever wood works best , and really look close at the material for the legs.


I told her i couldnt make them. I was trying to squeeze them in during my current project, but i feel i am biting more than i can chew at the moment. Thanks for all the input, i will eventually make one or two, so i will already know.

Thanks again.