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I am sorry if this is not the correct place to post this issue, but I have been trying to get my pictures to rotate before posting them here. In my last post , I couldn’t find the way to do it.

Does anyone know how to rotate pictures?

Thanks on advanced

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Are you posting from your computer or phone? I’ve heard complaints on various websites that when posting photos from your phone, even though they are corrected on your phone, they revert when posted.

If posting from camera-to-computer, you should be able to rotate the image on your software where the photos are stored, or you can use a program such as Paint (which is usually installed on all Windows-based computers) to rotate the photo prior to uploading to the blog.

If this isn’t of help to you, you might try contacting Martin.

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Thanks, good idea. I´ll try

- Man most valuable tools are his hands, his brain and the passion he delivers to his projects -

If you are working from a Windows PC, you should just be able to do this:
1. Open Explorer
2. Go to the folder containing the photos
3. View the folder contents as icons – large or extra large woks best, but medium also works
4. Right click on a photo that needs to be rotated and you should see a pop-up menu with the options “Rotate clockwise” and “Rotate counterclockwise”. Click as appropriate.

That should work and should apply to all programs.

On an iPad:
1. Open photos and view the photo
2. Touch “Edit” – top right
3. Touch the rotate / crop icon – middle right
4. Touch the rotate left icon – top right – once or three times
5. Touch “Save”

Sorry, don’t know how to do the equivalent in any other platforms.