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Apr 2015


Cancun, Mexico

I live in Cancun, Mexico, and have been Woodworking as a hobby for few years. I have been experimenting and failure after failure I have found the way to improve my skills. I have a small corner shop at home where I build my projects, I look forward to grow with the time, but so far it's been great to experiment and try

This space allows me to share some of my projects and achievements and, who knows, maybe this turns into a way of income and then become professional...

-- - Man most valuable tools are his hands, his brain and the passion he delivers to his projects -

Jig for making miniature trees - Woodworking Project by Legorreto

Jig for making miniature trees

This is a curious oproject originated because my 12y old son had to build a model of an ecosystem...

Coffee pods Holder - Woodworking Project by Legorreto

Coffee pods Holder

Las week was my father’s birthday and I wanted to give him something special. He loves coffee...

Father-Son Project - Jigsaw Blades Case - Woodworking Project by Legorreto

Father-Son Project - Jigsaw Blades Case

This is a fun quick little project I made up for my little child. He is 5 and he is used to watch...

Father-Son project: Sword - Woodworking Project by Legorreto

Father-Son project: Sword

This was one of those special occasions where becomes a great opportunity to share with your son....

HotWheels display shelf - Woodworking Project by Legorreto

HotWheels display shelf

Some days ago, while cleaning my children’s room, we notice how many little cars my youngest son...

Laptop Stand/Support - Woodworking Project by Legorreto

Laptop Stand/Support

My son got an unexpected gift las summer as he is starting Secondary School. An uncle gave him a...