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I picked up a Handler unit off craigslist for a hundred bucks.

I already had a Red Wing dental lathe (buffer polisher), which I used frequently, but it was just the dental lathe with the after market left and right spirals I’d installed (for a total investment of twenty-one dollars).

It was great for polishing everything from my pocket knife blade (gave me push cuts on paper using chromium oxide), or a lathe knife, to plastics, but when I saw this for less than what the used lathe sells for, I couldn’t pass it up.

The cabinet houses a squirrel cage and filter. The two areas to the right and left of the lathe are the collection areas the cabinet filter system draws from. The buffer it replaced toss a lot of debris, so the collectors are a welcome addition.

The collector cans house lights that light the work well.

There is even a even a nice tray on top for polish compounds and such. Add to all that, this one has the taller base, for bigger buff wheels and the built in handles for knocking the spindles off.

The second, E-Bay picture is just as an example of why I snatched it up.

Nice score, i love finding deals. They seem to be harder and harder to find, so good job on that!

WOW crazy cool score. enough gloating get back to work and show us some pictures of polished goods. lol

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Heck, Jeff, even the copper pipe ferrels for my files see a bit of polishing (the handles are probably worth more than the files).