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Well monday is bulk trash, so as we drove home from visiting friends, i spot 2 of these towers on the curb, i pull over check them out, i was like holy cow!! I debate if i can put fit them in my wifes SUV but realize i cant, i rush home pick up my truck and rush back, luckily no one had beat me to them. Pickers drive around at all hours looking for stuff to pick up. So i got them home.

2 of these, 7 ft tall!! a total of 56LF of extruded aluminum track!! All in perfect condition, i was, am stoked!!

Ohh yeah, plus hardware!

You really scored, looks like 80/20.

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I agree with Fred its possibly a electronics prototype rack used a few in my time cost a bomb! comfirmed from Kellys post.

People huck out the strangest of things the scrap value alone comes to mind or good ol ebay!

Regards Rob

super find congrats.

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