Any idea what kind of wood this is?

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My son-in-law has access to some mahogany pallets from his work. With some resawing and planing there are some nice boards produced. I’ve made quite a few things to include a bar top from those boards. This weekend he brought me this board. He said it was part of a pallet that caught his eye. It was the only board like it on the pallet so he pried it apart and brought it to me. Not sure what I’ll make just yet but thinking a couple of challenge coin displays might be an option.

Here’s some pics. I put it next to a piece of oak so you could see the color difference. It hasn’t been stained or anything. This is it’s natural color. It is extremely dense and heavier than the oak. Any ideas? Thanks!!

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That’s too nice to use as a solid hunk. Better rip it into veneer. You can get the beauty of the wood and get more out of it.

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it really is beautiful, whatever it is.

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