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It is 9pm and the temp in my workshop/garage is 87 F. and the inside of the house is 72F. Where would you rather be?

Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

At 9pm the house. But I can’t make noise at that time anyway. Plus I’m already sleeping so I can get up at 2am and go fishing. But at 9am I’d rather be in the shop.

Funny thing. My body clock is now so tuned to going to bed early and getting up in the middle of the night that when I tried going fishing at 10 pm the other day due to really good tide/moon conditions, I could barely stay awake while fishing and I slept so poorly after that I had a terrible day. I could barely stay awake all day. But going to sleep early and getting up early I’m totally fine the next day.

My garage door faces west and takes a beating in the summer. I know what you mean about hot in the shop, even when it’s not particularly hot outside. After almost 50 years on God’s green earth, I finally discovered that wearing a hat helps to keep the sweat from dripping onto my safety glasses.

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