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I not know where to put this but here goes.
If you have Amazon prime they will now deliver on Sundays with a Friday order. I do not like this in the least because I think that everybody should have a day off and it should be Sunday. That is when everybody else has their day off.
Just a heads up to you guys who screw up on a job Friday afternoon and need stuff Monday morning.

Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

Hmm, hmm!
Madts, I will probably be guilty of using that service.
I would have to wait for a long while anyway. That’s good for the USPS since that are loosing tons of money.

There were moments were I wanted something I forgot to buy and wished I had.
Living where I live, there are few stores where I could get stuff but I have to drive few miles ($4.10 a gallon yesterday, oouuch!) and leave my shop alone…
Couldn’t do that -:)

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA