Grizzly part backorder

I have a Grizzly G0948 bandsaw I previously reviewed and gave five stars, saying it was a good little bandsaw for stock prep. When I broke the insert plate last week and ordered a replacement from Grizzly, I was a little disappointed to find that the plastic insert plate is backordered, and it’s a weird size (3¼ inches square by 3/16 inch thick). I ordered some brass plate from McMaster Carr, and am almost done fabricating a replacement, which is good news.

Yesterday afternoon I got an email from Grizzly saying that I should expect the backordered part in late October. At least it’s due in 2023!

But with the lack of spare parts availability, I think I need to knock a star or two off my review. Ugh.

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You could Dave but unfortunately, supply chain issues are an issue everywhere and it's not Grizzly's fault.  They just can't get them from whoever supplies them.  But I definitely feel your frustration and would have done exactly what you did. 

FWIW, this is one place where a 3D printer sure is handy 😎
dave kennys right dont knock grizzly for part shortages, it's pretty much out of their control. supply problems have gotten better, i can tell you stories of what weve gone through in the construction industry. sounds like the one your making will be better anyway ?

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HokieKen  FWIW, this is one place where a 3D printer sure is handy 😎



This happened to me once. I ordered a part and it took 10 days before they told me it was backordered.

It was marked in stock when I ordered it. I thought computers kept track of details like that.

I won't order from them again, it wasn't Grizzly.

Jump back, Jack! See ya later,alligator! James Brown

Well, a little file work, and the replacement is done and fits quite nicely.

I get that it’s not Grizzly’s fault, but it makes the bandsaw less attractive as a tool if replacement parts aren’t readily available.

It’s the same as things that are put together with pentalobe fasteners or Stanley’s wacky threads I can’t buy a tap & die for. The hassle of dealing with them detracts from the tool, even if it’s otherwise great. 

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At least Stanley's wacky threads were not wacky when they started! 

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True Don.  And I think they use more common threads in current production.  And I have managed to gather taps and dies for all the oddballs other than still needing a 9/32-24 LH tap for depth adjusters.  I have the die just haven’t gotten around to buying a tap yet…
I had some aluminum diamond plate, so I used it to make an insert for my Powermatic. It works great (diamond side down).

I roughed the shape in, then finished it on the drum-disk sander.  To adjust for fit, I just go out near the edge with a center punch and flare the edge until I got a good press fit. If it loosens  a year or two down the road, I just repeat.

I could do the same thing with Plexi or one of its relatives, sans the punch, of course. A little hot glue, UV glue or even epoxy would work to adjust height.

I make several.

Now I have a 3-D printer ($150.00) and my and my friend's saws all have back ups.
Very nice substitute for factory original, actually, much better than plastic.
Thanks, Tom! 

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That is one rad insert plate.  Much better than the plastic ones.

daveg, SW Washington & AZ

Thanks, Dave! Works pretty well, too.

May you have the day you deserve!

I have some 3/8" or so thick UHMW aftermarket ones for my 17" saw. I really like them and they are unslotted so are easily made into zero clearance inserts.
Good luck Dave. I hope you get your part. I have a Grizzly band saw and I stocked up on their bearings. If China invades Taiwan it going to be impossible to get parts. I hope Grizzly opens other manufacturing factories in places that are not under the CCP threat. 

James McIntyre

Thanks, Foghorn. I hadn’t pondered UHMW but that would be a good option, too. Easier to thickness-plane than brass, I suspect.

Thanks, James. It’s all good. My brass plate will work at least until October when they hopefully can ship out the three plastic plates I ordered.

May you have the day you deserve!