Can anyone tell me how to find who’s following me on Craftisian?

James McIntyre

Sorry James, I'll be your stalker today.

Good to see you here! You have not aged a day 8^)
Thanks for the compliment. I got a face lift and Botox treatment. I can’t find a current photo as soon as I have one taken I’ll change it. 

So many LJ’s are jumping ship for the fun side of the island. 

Some of us neotoma’s have our feet straddling both ships. 

It’s great to see all these old recycled projects from LJ. 

James McIntyre

To find who’s following you, click on “my profile” which will lead you to something looking like this.

Then click on the “XX followers” which will bring up a list. Hard to know that’s clickable, but it is.

And a belated welcome!

May you have the day you deserve!

Thanks Dave I was here when you posted your first post. Can’t wait to see more of your recycled projects. They were great there and will be here. 

How’s Sweetie doing? My wife’s name is Abby. 

James McIntyre

Splinter you said you you would be my stocker today and I haven’t changed a day. Well I found a more current photo. I’m at an ELO concert with wife, eldest son and daughter in-law. What do you think of that?

James McIntyre

I figured out how to find out who’s following me. I just turn around. 

James McIntyre