Quad Bluetooth Stereo #1: Here we go again

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So I really enjoyed building the last Bluetooth stereo. It worked out basically exactly as I wanted it too. Now I want to see if I can make a quad version (4 speakers). I learned quite a bit on the last build so I have a few build improvements to make to this new version. Ideally this is an experiment in keeping the cost down while still maintaining sound and style.

I will be making it visually similar with the same materials, finishes and basic design. The 2 biggest differences are obviously the 4 speakers but also there will only be one center port. The overall size will be 24″×10″×6″ and there will be no handle this time as this one will be a shelf model only. Building the outer box tonight, Stay tuned!

-- If you dont like what you can buy, build it.

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