Pipe and Book 1 ( continued )

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I have my drill stand centered over my jig , which is just a square box ,
with about a 1/16 " play .

this did not work either for adequate holding or accuracy , so
I returned to using the drill press .

So I wrapped the rubber strip down one side of the dowel ,across the bottom,
and backup the other side.

Speed over accuracy is not often a good idea , so I gave up on this
particular jig .

after everything was drilled , it was time to use a small round diamond
file and clean out any debris inside the pipe.

Next, it’s time to glue al the section of the pipe back together .
I used extra thick CA glue with an accelerator .

The joints look good . I simply use my hands and a flat surface and do it by feel.
If the joint comes out uneven , it can be cut out and re glued very quickly .

Time to sand with 320 git again , then glue that cylinder thingy to the bottom of
the bowl, drill through the bowl , clean with file, glue the bowl
to the pipe body.

After a few coats of laquer , I began wrapping the middle of the pipe with

The blue tape covers a small area left unfinished . I needed to file
down a little platform for a figurine to set level .

I trimmed out the leather, It feels very soft when held and
and it covers the cut line also .

Next , I placed good luck happy bunny on the pipe ( CA )
I obtained this bunny from a small carver’s co-op in
Lima , Puru . They sent me a group photo, nice touch.

The pipe is now finished , and all that is left to do is……

you guessed it………….Have a Tea Party !

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