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French creek

Photographing Photographer




fleeing Moose

bridge ahead

Do you see the bridge? , it’s right there .
Not much to see……let’s go underneath .

someone has put some concrete and beams
across the creek , it looks well balanced .

I am sitting here thinking about rocks . When I was five I only
knew a few things about rocks . They were very hard . They were
shiny when wet and not so much when dry . The little pieces of quartz
were my favorite . I played with them and collected them . They
were fun long before I knew about geometry or platonic solids .

I have picked up a oval hemisphere and a truncated pyramid .
and later found a quartz polygon . Three rocks , granite and quartz .
I am going to balance these .

I balance these rocks someplace that I know they will be knocked
over ( like a kitchen counter ) . And when they tumble over , I restack
them and it reminds me to think about the current balance in my life

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