Morris chair restoration #3: The back cushion

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I removed the mid-20th-century gray marble vinyl to reveal more of the chair’s history.

The top cushion’s original upholstery which was under the gray marble vinyl appeared to be an early attempt at Naugahyde – almost like a painted coating on the fabric.

The back cushion’s springs were in good shape.

The original straw and cotton was in pretty good shape, too, but I decided not to recycle any of it.

So I retied the springs and reinforced the back with two strips of wood . . .

replaced the original burlap . . .

and replaced the straw and cotton padding: first with a recycled box spring covering . . .

then with foam rubber and polyester batting.

After stapling on an undercovering, I fitted the final upholstery for the front of the cushion.

That pretty much completed the top cushion. (I didn’t get photos of the cushion after it was completed.)

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