Old Tools, restoring/reworking #3: Millers Falls #9 Smoother

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This one looked a a little worse than it than it really was, turns out it was a diamond in the rough.

The iron and chip breaker still like new, the iron has never been sharpened! Makes me wonder if the original owner just tried it without success and put it on the shelf.

Looks like all of the jappaning was hiding under the dirt and dust as was the near perfect knob and tote.

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Tim, fantastic work! I gotta know how you got back the nickel plating on the lever cap and how you restored the finish on the sides and sole? Both looked pretty rough to begin with. The frog especially looked like it need re-plating. Great work!

Mike, Does shipping make buying in the states cost prohibitive?

HMike, I seem to have a collection of MF tools accumulating in my shop. Sneaky sneaky tools!

Very nice piece Tim! I am always impressed when the wood can be, and is repairable, or already is in good shape!

I am TRYING to stay "Sargents’ only in my collection, but dag nam’it I had a pre-lateral #8 Stanley sneak into my shop a couple of months ago! No more candy…no more candy… no more candy…!

-- HorizontalMike

What a great restoration Tim! I think the knob and handle are made from some pretty wood. I wish I could get stuff like that here.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

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