My shop #3: My small 5-1

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For the small machines I have thought making flipover stands, but on one stand I could put two, maybe three, machines on it. After thinking and trying I came to a solution and put five machines on a small bench. I can use all five without a lot of change.

Overvieuw of this small 5 in 1;

Drawers for drills and so on:

Drill table hanging on the left side:

Drill press with mounted table:

On the back a flexible drilling shaft and also power cord:

Small and cheap router with crossing table:

Cylinder sander:

Grinder (an heirloom of my father) in rest position:

Grinder after turn over in working position;

Grinder/sander combination:

And that all on a cabin from 60×70 cm (24×28″)

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