Box with 3D marquetrie #2: Construction of the box and veneering of parts.

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I work without machine only with hand tools.
I will show you some pictures of the construction of the box and the veneer of the parts.

Part 3, the box still gets a shellac polish and a base.

The miter saw I freehand on the lines.

Groove plane of the floor.

If it is necessary, I planed by the miters.

The wood is preheated.
I’m using infrared lamps. This is an interim solution. I am building this new device and show them to you later.

The press my grandfather is also good for small workpieces.

-- Uwe,Thüringen,Germany

Hi Paul,
The caul is zinc. It is heated.
I know this should be enough.
In the workshop, it is cold and I have to heat the wood.

-- Uwe,Thüringen,Germany

Good blog Uwe.
Are you using hot hide glue?
Is the aluminium caul heated?
I ask because I use heated aluminium cauls with HHG in my marquetry. It can eliminate the need to pre-heat the wood.

-- The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

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