Vacation , Summer '15

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Laramie has about a dozen city parks . La Bonte park
is a great place to take a long walk . It is basically a
walking path with a lake in the middle .

It also has a community garden , where I chanced upon this
transplant from New England , she had her tools and was
ready to garden .

The Artists for this Mural were Lindsay Olsen and
Jeff Hubble . Send them an e mail and ask those two
love birds about their process

Around Town ,
Downtown this morning , taking some pics
of the mural projects .

And this is a symbol of a fish , constructed by painting
legal paper and craft sticks and tape, in a highly imaginative fashion .
I was impressed by this one .

Thanks Moment!

A simple but amazing machine. I had it in my bookmarks.
Definitely beats my scroll saw.

I will be off again this weekend to visit my folks on the other side of the globe:)
It has been a very busy summer this year. worthy for sure.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I am glad you are enjoying Alaska . It’s nice to be
among the trees and the rushing water . Very nice
sunset photos also . " woodworking ":http://

Now I am envious :) (:

I have a good camera that I don’t know how to use. I hope to take a photography class this winter. I took the picture of the sunset without any filter in automatic mode. That’s the only mode I use :)

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

We visited Lake Rob Roy in the Medicine Bow
National Forest the first week in July . The campgrounds
showed some burn out and some clear cutting . There
is a nice stream below the dam . The look-out Tower
can be rented . I hope the view is worth the climb .

Tranquility is what I need this summer . I turned the
TV off back in April and haven’t turned it back on .
Not listening to ANY news or news media , will
really help clear the mind . I just read and listen
to music when indoors , and that has been therapeutic
in not having to concern myself with ’The tragedy
of the Day ’ . Thanks for the compliment on the
pictures . I am used to framing things ; )

That is a beautiful glacier . I have never been to one .
We drove out along the Big Laramie River a few days
ago . The Snowy Range was on the right and the big
Rockies were on the left . Road with a view . We stopped
at a little man made lake at the foot of Sheep Mountain.
My friend Herb is the fisher . I am the watcher .
Lots of antelope lounging around and some really nice
brown billed magpies ….a symphony in black and white .

I forgot the woodworking part:
A terrific joint used to make boxes centuries ago…

Did not feel the cold, not a bit.
T-shirt and shorts; Thanks to global warming. Maybe I should deny that and remember what I saw.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

It reminds me of my trip across the USA with some friend from Belgium 25 years ago. We drove for 45 days, stopping here and there. We have seen some great scenery along the way. Endless excitement.

Just came back this morning from here:

Enjoy your trip.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Well , abbas , my friend , I did manage to leave central
Texas on June 1st . My friend and I drove from centex
to Laramie , Wyoming …..straight through……it took
about 24 hours . We can put a thousand miles behind
us in a day…….of course he used to drive a big rig
for years so he’s into that . It took a couple of weeks
to adjust to the altitude ( 7200 ft. ) . One spends a lot
of those days feeling light headed from the decreased
oxygen levels ( yogic breathing comes in handy at this
time ) plus you spend a bunch of time sleeping .
This is Turtle Rock , located in the Medicine Bow National
Forest . We were there around June 6th . The temperature
was around 58 degrees with a light rain falling……my kind
of day. We were the only hikers there . I’ll be back with some more
photos from Wyoming .

Well , the Waco Indians used to have large fields of corn and
vegetables near the river where the Suspension Bridge is now .
It had an ice cold spring nearby .( I used to swim in this spring
in the Summer , you could not stay in that water for long ) .
One day Stephen F Austin and a group of his land grabbing
ruffians rode over to have a look around . They joked that
this would be a great place to take over , they would even have
cold water for their brandy . The Waco Indians were not happy
with the white men’s intentions , and promptly kicked their
asses back to where they had come from . Years later the
Comanche forced the Wacos to move north to what is
present day Ft. Worth . That’s what happened to the
Wacos .

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