Clamp storage made simple

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I got this idea from a Woodsmith magazine article on shop organization a while back. It’s simply a closet organization system minus the shelves. The beauty of this system is that you can stack multiple clamps per set of shelf brackets (by size or brand). This photo has 72 clamps but I could easily add another 40-50 if I wanted too (you can adjust the quantity by getting different length shelf brackets). This is so much better than the traditional setup where you put clamps alongside each other. It all fits in a 5′ × 8′ space. True, it can cost a little bit of money if you get a heavier duty closet system vs. one built from scraps, but it’s money well spent.

-- tmelch

It’s very solid. Right now everything is hanging from the horizontal standard across the top. I didn’t anchor the verticals in case I wanted to change the configuration (which is another great advantage of this system). I don’t think I ever will now, it’s been like this for over a year. Yes, I’ve never seen a system that can hold 100 clamps in just 5’ of wall space.

-- tmelch

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